WHY I wrote my book? (Part 1 of the ‘Behind the Book’ series)

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A few years ago I wrote my first book, The Elephant in the Room – How to Overcome the Psychological Barriers to Weight Loss Success. It’s about the mental blocks to weight loss. While it is available in print on Amazon I would like to GIFT my book to you for free in pdf form.
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Instead of telling you about what is in the book. I’d like to share the story BEHIND THE BOOK with you here in my blog.

This is PART 1 of The Story Behind The Elephant in the Room, WHY I wrote my book

Writing a book had been a childhood dream of mine. At the time I wrote it I had been a Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor for 15 years and had earned my Bachelors degree in Exercise Physiology from the West Virginia University School of Medicine. This experience and education gave me the confidence to feel justified in writing a book (in hindsight I could have written a book without these qualifications, but they gave me the confidence I needed to do so). I had had a front row seat to the weight loss struggles of my clients and had struggled with weight myself. I knew that a new fad diet or another trendy workout was not what people needed. From my own experience, and through helping my clients, I knew that we needed to start doing the deep inner work that leads to healing if we were ever going to have success with our physical goals.

Through my experience I had learned that exercise and diet were not the most important parts of success when it came to weight loss. They were, in fact, the byproduct of becoming a healthier and happier human.

I remember in my early 20s when I struggled with my weight the most, I would bully myself to try a new pill, diet or workout but would sabotage all my efforts by over eating. When nothing I tried got me the fitness results I yearned for I recall thinking that I was broken. I felt alone and disgusting and sad. I didn’t want another woman to ever feel that type of despair. When I started to unravel the reasons for my over eating, the reasons I did not value my own goals and desires, the reasons I sabotaged all my hard work, the true healing began.  The freedom that was gained from doing the hard inner work was liberating and I wanted every woman I knew (and those I did not know) to feel this liberation from their own mental blocks to weight loss.

When the idea for The Elephant in the Room came to me I was pretty excited to make it happen. The goal was to start a conversation around the various mental blocks I had experienced myself and witnessed in my clients and friends. So many of us struggle with the same blocks, the exact same ‘Elephants in the Room’. We are not broken or weird, in fact, we’re so much more alike than we know.

At the time I wrote the book no one was talking about the deep inner work needed in a weight loss journey, at least no one I had found, so getting this conversation started was critical. By sharing this information with as many people as I could I hoped it would be the facilitator for change that people had been craving. I was (and still am) super passionate about helping women feel less alone in their weight loss struggles and to shed light on the reasons we all sabotage our best efforts when it comes to health, wellness, fitness and/or nutrition. 

Through my experience I  had learned that true health transformation started with the mental/emotional part. The emotional wounds and the psychological barriers were where the healing needed to happen first if weight loss success was ever going to be reached and even more so if it was going to stick.

This book was my way of letting women know that they are not broken and they are not alone. 

Little did I know that the book would take on a life of its own, reinforce my belief in the divine and bring me so many tears and so much laughter.

Thanks for reading Part 1. If you’d like to read PART 2 about WHEN I wrote the book and how it was created amidst some of the most stressful, amazing and heartbreaking times in my life then click HERE to continue.

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