WHEN I Wrote My Book (Part 2 in my ‘Behind the Book’ series)

A few years ago I wrote my first book, The Elephant in the Room – How to Overcome the Psychological Barriers to Weight Loss Success. It’s about the mental blocks to weight loss. While it is available in print on Amazon I would like to GIFT my book to you for free in pdf form.
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Instead of telling you about what is in the book. I’d like to share the story BEHIND THE BOOK with you here in my blog.

This is PART 2 of The Story Behind The Elephant in the Room, WHEN I wrote my book


I’m back to tell you all about WHEN I wrote my book, The Elephant in the Room – How to Overcome Your Psychological Barriers to Weight Loss Success.

I started writing the book when I was pregnant with my first child. It was 2012, I was 35 years young and I was living in Morgantown, WV with my (then) boyfriend, Eric (He’s now my husband).

It took 3 years but after getting married, moving states, buying a home, losing my husband’s best friend to cancer and having a 2nd child, I completed and was ready to self publish my book.

In early 2015 I started, what I thought would be, the quick process of loading my book up onto the Createspace platform (which no longer exists) in Amazon’s self publishing system.

I discovered real fast that there was nothing ‘quick’ about this process.
The self publishing system was a challenge. And that’s putting it mildly.

I recall spending hours one day in the print design system trying to get page numbers to show up on the bottom of each page. I could not, for the life of me, get the right numbers onto the right pages. Either the number 1 appeared on page three or the number 3 appeared on page one. I was getting more and more frustrated by the second. I turned to facebook to vent. I posted about my trials and tribulations on my personal facebook page.

In June of that year it was my 20 year High School reunion and we were celebrating with a weekend events including a formal dinner on the Saturday night. Even though I was facebook friends with most everyone who was attending I was super excited to spend this time with them in person.

It was that night that the universe began to take over and my book started to slowly slip out my hands and become a being all of its own and my faith in the divine was solidified for life.

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