Three Exercises to Add Today For Core Stability and Balance

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Are you incorporating these power-packed moves into your workout each week?

If not, you’re missing out!

Here are Three Exercises to Add Today For Core Stability and Balance…

Leveling up in your workout isn’t just about running more miles, lifting heavier weights, or doing more reps. Sometimes the best thing you can do to improve your workout results is to add more stability and balance exercises to your routine.

Here are three exercises I highly recommend adding to your routine each week that do both of these, incorporate stability and balance.

     1. Curtsy lunges

This exercise takes a lunge and, with a small change of foot placement, gives you even more bang for your buck in the stability and balance departments.

To start, you get into a regular lunge position. Start in a neutral standing position with your feet hip distance apart. Slide your left foot straight back until only the ball of the back foot is on the floor and the heel is up off the floor. The front foot stays flat on the ground. Keep your front knee, hips, navel, and chin all facing forward. Then, to make this a curtsy lunge you are going to take that left foot behind you and slide it to the right and cross it behind the front right foot.

From this position you will bend both knees, lower yourself down towards the ground slightly, and then straighten the knees back to your starting position. Repeat for 10-15 repetitions. Then switch sides.

Focus on keeping your abs tight for the emphasis on core stability and squeeze the glute of the front leg so you don’t overload the thigh. If you need to hold on to something for balance at first go ahead, but work towards performing this exercise without holding onto anything so you get that balance challenge aspect.

NOTE: Both knees should remain pointing forward, don’t let one, or both, of them start pointing off to either side.

Image of Gemma Rayne Fountain at the start of a curtsy lunge
Image of Gemma Rayne Fountain demonstrating the movement of a curtsy lunge


      2. Bird Dogs

Along with being a great exercise for stability and balance this also works the abs, glutes, back, and arms.

Start off on your hands and knees on the floor, your toes will be flat on the ground too. Your hands should be shoulder width and your knees should be hip width apart, think “table”. Once you’re in place do your preparations before you do the movement.

Preparations are: Pull your bellybutton towards your spine, lengthen the spine and the neck, look down between your hands so tht your neck is in neutral. Push the ground away with your hands to prevent “sinking” through the shoulder blades.

Now you are ready to move! Begin my lifting the left leg and lengthening it away from your torso, hold it there for a moment before adding the right arm. Lift the right arm straight overhead. Lengthen and imagine creating as much distance between the left big toe and the right middle finger as you possibly can. Maintain all your preparations you did prior to moving.

Hold here for a few seconds before lowering back to the ground and repeating on the other side.

Added challenge:

If you’d like to make this one a bit more challenging once you have the left leg and right arm lifted and extended, hold them up there and try to slowly lift the right toes off the ground (this would leave only the left hand and right knee in contact with the ground). You may be extremely wobbly when you start adding this challenge, great! Be wobbly! Wobbling is a great sign that the body is learning new things and the brain and muscles are firing in amazing ways. Keep it up. You’ll get better with practice.

Be sure to do the added challenge on both sides.

Gemma Rayne Fountain on a beach on a yoga mat demonstrating the start position for the bird dog exercise
Gemma Rayne Fountain on the beach on a yoga mat demonstrating the end position for a bird dog exercise


       3. Calf Raises

A muscle group that often gets overlooked in a workout is the calves. Adding a single leg calf raise to your program will strengthen the lower leg and also improve your stability and balance.

Standing up, feet hip distance apart, lift your right foot off the ground by bending the right knee. Pull your core in and stand up tall. Then, perform the exercise by lifting the left heel off the ground and going up on your tip toe as high as you can.

At first you may need to hold on to something for help with balance. This is ok. If this is the case, begin by holding on with your hand. Then, as you get more comfortable with the exercise hold on only with 2-3 fingers. Then only 1 finger. Then, try lifting the finger and not using anything to give you a balance assist.

Repeat on both sides doing 10-15 repetitions each.

Gemma Rayne Fountain on the beach demonstrating a Calf raise exercise


Have fun adding these moves into your weekly routine and enjoy the massive stability and balance benefits you will get from them.

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