Immune Boosting for Busy Moms

Kids are gross. Right?

I mean, they lick things and stick their mucky, germ covered hands inside their mouths. And, if you’re lucky (insert sarcasm emoji here) they hug and kiss you and smother you with all those lovely little germs too.

And yet, we love these sticky little germ mongers anyway. So, how do we, as moms, stay healthy and still smother our kiddos with hugs and kisses? We have to boost our immune systems, that’s how.

When kids get sick it is the worst. But, when mom gets sick… wait! Let’s be real here, you are NOT allowed to get “sick”. There isn’t any time for that. So, we have to be on the defense ladies! We have got to give our bodies every fighting chance we can to ward off whatever bacteria and virus is trying to invade.

But, you’re insanely busy, I get it. So here are some very quick and doable ways to increase your immunity. It is up to you to remind yourself that you are important and that you are a priority and put some of this self care into action. You can do it. I know this because you are a MOM BOSS and it’s time to level up. And, let’s face it, incorporating some of these immune boosting self care practices is going to be a heck of a lot easier than getting sick.

Put Nutrients Into Your Body

No, this does not mean eating the left over chicken nuggets from your kid’s plate ladies!

You’re busy and you have got to give your all every day. Your body needs good nutrition to be able to do this well.

Finding small ways to incorporate more nutrition is key. This can mean adding an extra serving of fruit or veggies each day, hydrating with more water, making sure you get more lean protein or taking quality supplements (and I mean the good ones, not the cheap ones from the grocery store).

Pick one small way to add nutrition to your day and focus on that. As a busy mom I find it overwhelming if I try to do too much at once. So, eat a fruit every day at breakfast, or add a salad each day, or make a fruit smoothie for lunch each day (add a quality protein powder if you want to be an overachiever). Just keep it simple and take it one day at a time. Small changes add up to big things over time.

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Get Moving

You don’t have to “exercise” to get fit. When most of us think of ‘exercise’ we think of organized and committed periods of time usually lasting 30 minutes or longer where we focus 100% on doing exercises. This can be almost impossible for the busy mommy.

So, don’t ‘exercise’, just MOVE. Pop on some music and dance around the house with your kids for five minutes, go on a bike ride or a walk with the kids, play tag with your kids or lie on the floor and give them airplane rides (this is a great quad workout). Or you can have your kids join you as you all do push ups, crunches, lunges and squats. If you were to incorporate a handful of 5 to 10 minute movement periods each day it can add up to some serious fitness benefits for you and your kids.


Yeah right!

We are in the midst of a global pandemic, we had to deal with remote learning while juggling work and life, we couldn’t find any dang toilet paper and we have no clue if school will start up again in August. So DE-stressing is not exactly an option right now. Did I just read your mind?

I get it, stress is absurdly high right now. However, if we don’t find a way to curb it it will negatively affect our health.

Stress has a huge negative effect on immunity and now, more than ever, we must incorporate ways to decompress and destress.

Can you carve out 5-10 minutes a day to just BE? Can you wake up a little earlier? Ask your significant other to watch the kids while you take a break? Or plop the kids down in front of a screen for a while so you can take care of you?

Try sitting in silence and focusing on your breathing for 5 minutes. Inhale and fill up your lungs and belly with as much air as you can, hold it in for a count of 3 and then exhale slowly. That’s it, just breathe.

As you master this restful time you can start learning more about meditation and try different practices.

It is also important to pay attention to how you respond to stressors throughout your day. If the kids draw on the wall, the dog pees on the rug, the A/C breaks, or any number of the things that can happen in a day, how do you respond? Pay attention to this for the next few days. Do you fly off the handle? Do you scream and yell and work yourself into a tizzy? Next time something goes a wry try to take deep, calming breaths before you react to these types of stressors. This will help decrease your stress response in your body and help you, and the kids, have a much more joyful day.

Get Those Z’s

The body heals most and your immune system does its best work when you are sleeping so it is important to get proper sleep on a consistent basis. To a mom of young kids this concept can be down right laughable.

I had three kids over a five year period, and then we got a puppy. My life has been one big blur of interrupted sleep for the past 8 years. But, despite many hiccups and set backs, I have continued to strive for quality sleep. We have been trying many different things to help me get more sleep and each week we inch closer to a full night of uninterrupted sleep.

It also helps to have a ‘routine’ before bed – this can be gentle stretching, a hot herbal tea or even some quality melatonin or CBD.

If you can start by just going to bed ten minutes earlier than usual that would be a great start. Turn off Netflix and hit that pillow mama. Your immune system will thank you.

I recommend USANA Pure Rest Melatonin – learn more and order HERE
I am experiencing amazing sleep quality with Envoi Botanicals CBD oil – learn more and order HERE

Take Care of Your Gut

Your gut health and your immune system are directly linked. Having a healthy gut full of beneficial bacteria helps to boost your immune system.

You can boost your gut health by eating more fruits and vegetables, consuming less processed foods and foods that trigger allergies, adding foods high in probiotics (like sauerkraut) and/or taking quality probiotics as a supplement.

Taking care of the microbiome in your gut comes with a long list of benefits, but is most critical for boosting your immune system.

I use quality probiotic supplements for myself and the kids. These are a critical part of our immune boosting practice and take practically no time to implement.

I recommend the USANA Probiotic – a dairy free powder that can be added to any drink. Learn more and order HERE

Try implementing one of the above listed immune boosting practices this week. Just one. Then, once you’re rocking that one think about slowly adding more. As a busy mom you do not have time to get sick, you have got to prioritize your immunity for the sake of the family unit. Also, consider getting your kids involved too. Having a sick kid is the pits, so help boost their immune systems too. During our current existence we have got to do everything we can to strengthen our immune systems to fight off illness.

Do you have other immune boosting practices you swear by? I want to hear them. Comment below and share your tips.



  • We have incorporated a long walk each day (sometimes twice if we can get it in). It helps them take longer naps, gets me moving, and helps evening sleep. Plus we have to eat earlier to get a walk in after dinner and that’s a plus too.

    • That’s a win on so many fronts Kristie 🙂 Everyone gets more sleep, you’re all getting moving AND you’re getting fresh air, which is also great for your immune systems.
      Thanks for your comment <3

    • Hi MelB – I like to use a couple of probiotics to get different strains of probiotic.

      I take the USANA Probiotic, it’s non dairy and is a dry powder that I can add to any drink. Its tasteless. (You can check it out on my affiliate site,!/en-US/product/108.010102) and I use the FloraStor brand of probiotics that you can get at the grocery store or local drug store. These are also dairy free and are in a capsule form.

      I also get nondairy probiotic shots from the local health food store that are yummy, I can not remember the name of these but the kids and I both love these.

      For the kids I alternate them with the FloraStor kids and Culturelle – these are both powders that are yummy. I add them to the kids favorite sweet drink and they enjoy them.

      Let me know if you find other great brands.

  • Thanks for the great and simple ideas! I’ve been making chia pudding to last me a few days. This helps with time and I add all sorts of fruit!!

    • Chia pudding is so yummy. My kids call it ‘black yogurt’. Haha. Thanks for the comment Beth <3

  • I hear you on the DEstressing, no chicken nuggets from my kiddos plate, and just move! It’s a huge no on the sauerkraut though…yuck!

    • Lol on your sauerkraut sentiment. Thanks for commenting Sonya 🙂

  • The getting enough sleep and taking care of my gut health has been a game changer!!! I find the destressing part to be the most difficult (specifically in this day and time).

    I have incorporated meditation practice 3 times per day. For just a few moments. I practice it with my breathe to help calm my nervous system. Im doing it in the morning to prep for the day, mid day to keep my energy levels high, and in the evening to rest well.

    Good mind health is crucial to immune health!!

    Love this post! Thank you for sharing.

    • I love how you’re incorporating three very brief meditation practices with a specific focus in mind (preparation for the day, maintaining energy for the day and relaxation before sleep). How powerful. Thanks for commenting.

  • Love these suggestions and how practical they are. I may not be able to do all of these right away, but I can certainly make some changes starting today! Thanks!

    • Thanks Summer. That’s the great thing about these tips, they are simple, and adding just one makes a huge impact on immunity. Keep me posted how it goes.

  • So I’m not a Mom yet, but I’m a teacher… It must count!? I always have focused on making sure we consume enough nutritious food-most of the times, because sometimes those gummies are life savers…lol-, low on carb/fat/sugar,yet getting it from natural sources, since our bodies need it.
    Although get myself to work out is hard sometimes,but I always remind myself how wonderful I feel after.
    Luckily(knock on wood) I rarely get sick, and whatever I bring home,my husband can fight with it as well,without getting sick!

    • Nicole – as a teacher you are exposed to all the kid germs first hand. And, you, like parents, aren’t “allowed” to get sick either. There is a room full of kids who all count on you. You probably have an immune system of steel because of your profession.

  • I am not a mom, but I found these to be very simple yet important steps I can take as well. Sometimes we are quick to fail by doing too much at once. I like your approach on simple things even if 5-10 minute break or eat a salad, etc.

    Thanks for sharing!

    • Mandy – thanks for the comment. This is what I try to instill in all my clients, to take small, very doable yet extremely effective steps in their health journeys. We often want everything yesterday. But overwhelm is real and most people quit on their health goals because they tackle too many changes at once.

  • So many good points well made in here thanks Gemma. My me time is a 30 minute hiit class while the kids watch tv in the morning and a run at the weekend.
    We try as a family to do something active everyday mainly beach or pool right now but sometimes it’s agility courses in the house or chasing around being silly!
    Being at home mostly has made for a healthier diet for the Most part except the sneaky parent snacks and wine!

    • I think wine has been the coping mechanism for so many during this time. I know I’ve had a few more glasses than I care to count 🙂
      SO glad you’re staying active and keeping the kids active too. Getting outside in the fresh air is also a huge immune booster. Keep up the great work Emma.

  • I can totally relate to “not eating left over chicken nuggets off your kids plate.” Insert me here. My mentality, “not during a pandemic we don’t waste!” ?This is so me and I’m sure so many moms needed to hear these simple ways to help incorporate simple ways to stay healthy! Thanks Gemma ?

    • The ‘don’t waste anything in a pandemic’ comment is so relatable. Here’s a little suggestion, don’t waste it. Put the plates back in the fridge and serve the leftovers again as part of their next meal. That’s what I’ve been doing. I repurpose and get creative so they don’t realize it’s some of the same stuff. It works sometimes. Lol
      Thanks for the comment Nancy

  • Gemma- I love that with the vast wellness knowledge you have from years and years of study you never not once just “preach” without considering the very busy often stressful actual lifestyles many of us have. Rather than make us feel shame you have an understanding / no judgment way of meeting us where we are. Thank you for sharing your gifts ? for me meditation is front and center right now and when I feel at a loss for my lack of control over things I hit the kitchen and juice some wellness shots that I then force my family to drink ? I’m not making any friends over here but I feel better!

    • Thank you for your kind words Nicole. I have to admit, regretfully, I think I did used to have a ‘preachy’ tone to my advise. But you live and you learn, right? Having kids gave me a whole new respect for time and overwhelm and the value of small changes. I call them all ‘baby steps.’ They might not seem like much at the time, but over time they add up to huge benefits.
      I think I need to sample one of these wellness shots you talk about 🙂

  • Very informative Gemma! Thanks so much for this info!

    I like a mix of supplemental.probiotics but also. Natural probiotics like kombucha and organic sourkraut. Has done wonders for my gut! S

    • Kombucha is great. Have you ever brewed your own? I’ve been considering learning how to do this.
      Thanks for the comment Misti 🙂

  • Thanks, Gemma, for highlighting some truly do-able practices here. We all need as much self care as possible these days. You are consistently a role model and an inspiration!

    • Thank you Heather. I think it’s important to help people realize that being healthy is totally do-able. That it’s not about expensive programs or obscure, hard to find ingredients. Being healthy can be fit in between the cracks of our already busy lives.
      Thanks for the comment Heather 🙂

  • Great tips! Thank you Gemma, I definitely needed the reminders to prioritize healthy choices and ask for help when I need a break from the kiddos to regroup!

    • Thank you Helen. Asking for help is so important as a mom. I too find it a challenge to ask for help. I mean, I can do it all, right? I’m learning though and when I do ask for help the amazing gift of knowing I have a supportive tribe is more rewarding than I can convey. I know you have a great and supportive tribe who would be honored to gift you with help any time. You just have to be brave enough to ask.
      Thanks for the comment Helen 🙂

  • Awesome tips. I especially love the just one small thing at a time.
    I just got an air fryer and it is helping me eat more veggies! I find they are much tastier when I cook them in there! Getting outside has been the most challenging part juggling a toddler and work. It’s too hot, I feel bad if I don’t bring the dogs, if I bring them I regret it because they’re annoying…
    The list goes on. Thanks for reminding me to keep trying!

    • Yes, keep trying. That’s the most important part. I have found that, sometimes, I have to be a “selfish jerk” (not really but that’s how I feel when I put my needs ahead of my family’s) to make sure my cup gets filled. And, when my cup is filled I am a much better mommy to the kiddos and a better wife to my hubby.
      So, tell the dang dogs they can’t go on the walk and get out there and fill your cup mama.
      I love the air fryer suggestion.
      Thanks for the comment Nicole 🙂

  • Oh Gemma! You nailed it! ? All the things you listed are so encouraging and helpful to keep us healthy – thanks for this awesome reminder! Smoothies full of greens, frozen berries, and other fruits have been our go to for breakfast. That way no matter how the day goes, we’ve an awesome start! The kids even love them! I’m not sure if there is any scientific backing that this helps boost immunity, but I’ve really been enjoying practicing more gratitude (maybe it would fall into the decreasing stress category). Jotting down three things I’m thankful for first thing when I wake up truly changes my outlook on the day. Thanks again for sharing all your wonderful tips!

    • Gratitude is a powerful form of meditation practice Jamie. So you’re ahead of the game and can check that one off the list 🙂
      I love that you’re getting all that great nutrition first thing in the morning before the day can run away from you. Keep up the great habits. Thank you so much for sharing them here.

  • So, this is my deal: I’ve been upping on the probiotics for several years now, and I occasionally drink kombucha tea. Maybe it seems “trendy,” but I swear it has helped my immune system so much (the kombucha tea in particular, as I have been drinking the stuff for probably four years now, and it’s just made a tremendous difference with my health, I think). I’m hoping now that I have a child, I’ll still see its effects, but I’ll be sure to take Gemma’s tips here as well!

    The only one here I have serious issues with on the list is sleep…for obvious reasons. It helps to just go to bed earlier. Boo! It’s really the only thing that works for me, though. I also have to really focus on drinking water, because I don’t like the flavor, quite honestly. However, when I do drink enough, I just notice a profound difference! I’ve been good at staying active since having the baby. 🙂

    Either way, thanks for the article, because I worry about illness a lot with a new child, plus Covid (and am already a spaz about germs).

    • Heather – thanks for your comment. As a new mama please try not to stress about the sleep part. Do the best you can. And give yourself some major credit for anything you manage to accomplish. Even if it seems minimal compared to what you could accomplish before having a baby. Above all be kind to yourself. You’re doing a great job.

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