Cocktails & Healthy Eating – How to ‘partake’ and still see results

Cocktails and Healthy Eating

For those of you who like to enjoy a cocktail (or two) but are also trying to eat healthy and lose weight- you CAN enjoy a drink AND stay on track for healthy eating and weight loss.

It all depends on your poison, aka ‘what’ you drink.
The key is to reduce your sugar & carb intake as much as possible. So, we might have to modify your beverage preference.

Drinks to limit:
Beer (light beer being a better choice than dark)

Drinks to avoid:
Mixers such as sour mix, sodas, & fruit juices (and please don’t substitute with those chemical filled ‘diet’ drinks.)

Best Booze:

My number one bevvie pick:

Vodka with club soda!!!
Photo of cold drink with ice cubes, drink is clear with mint leaves inside and a lime wheel on the glass rim

It might take a minute to get used to the taste, but once you do you’ll find it refreshing and delicious. You can add a twist of lime, or even experiment with some flavored vodkas to change things up (this will add a few extra carbs, FYI). Add fresh mint leaves (hello, that’s a vegetable serving if you eat it) or cucumber slices for other flavor varieties.

Use Club Soda (or seltzer water) as a mixer, not tonic. Club soda has no sugar and no artificial sweeteners so it’s better for you.

Juice and soda mixers in drinks add tons of sugar and calories, so steer clear of these. Diet sodas add unhealthy artificial sweeteners so please don’t replace real sugar with these.

Wine and beer are better than sugary mixers but still not as good as a distilled liquor. The big sugar/carb content of wine and beer can hinder weight loss more than you can possibly imagine.

So stick to mixing a clear liquor with club soda. Order a single tall and get less alcohol with more Club soda so you can pace yourself, keep drinking with the crowd without getting drunk and control your buzz.

Try adding a glass of water after each alcoholic beverage too, this will help you stay hydrated.

And, REMEMBER ladies and gentlemen: If you can’t walk a straight line in heels, you drank too much. And there is NOTHING hot about stumbling in heels! NOTHING!!

Keep it classy!

And ALWAYS drink responsibly. Keep the innocent people on the streets safe and don’t drive after even 1 drink.


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