How the Divine (and Sara) Intervened (Part 3 of ‘Beyond the Book’ series)

A few years ago I wrote my first book, The Elephant in the Room – How to Overcome the Psychological Barriers to Weight Loss Success. It’s about the mental blocks to weight loss. While it is available in print on Amazon I would like to GIFT my book to you for free in pdf form.
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Instead of telling you about what is in the book. I’d like to share the story BEHIND THE BOOK with you here in my blog.

This is PART 3 of The Story Behind The Elephant in the Room, How the Divine (and Sara) Intervened


Let’s pick up where we left off in Part 2 of the ‘Beyond the Book’ series, at my 20 year high school reunion. It was June 2015…

At the Saturday night formal dinner Eric (my husband) and I sat down at a large round table next to my friend Sara, who I hadn’t seen in person in 10 years. We were, however, connected on facebook. After some small talk Sara asked me, “How’s the book publishing going?” She mentioned that she had been following my progress, or lack thereof, through my facebook posts.
“UGH!!!” I proclaimed dramatically.

I told her how frustrated I was with the online publishing format, Createspace, and that I couldn’t even get the damn page numbers onto the right freakin’ pages. I went off on a brief tirade and then she asked me, “Gemma, do you know who I work for?”

“Nope.” I answered, I did not.
“I work for Createspace!” She said.

Createspace!!! The self publishing platform with Amazon that I was so frustrated with. She worked for them!!!

I probably told her to “SHUT UP” at this point as that is what I typically say when I’m shocked. I also most likely smacked her in the arm, as I tend to do (sorry if I’ve ever hit you in the arm a little to 

I remember asking her if I could bother her for 20 min of her time the following week to ask her for some guidance in the publishing process. Maybe SHE could help me get the number 1 onto actual PAGE one.

The following week I reached out to Sara on facebook and we hopped on the phone to chat. She asked me some questions about what I was attempting to do in Createspace. I told her what I was having trouble with and she asked if I could send her my manuscript. I emailed it to her and she told me she would get back with me in a few days.

A few days came and went and I hadn’t heard back from Sara. A week later I sent her a quick facebook message and we hopped on another call.

I asked Sara if she had any time to help me figure out the whole page number thing and she said, “Gemma, your book is ready to publish.”

I was super confused.
“What do you mean, ‘it’s ready to publish?’” I asked.

Sara told me that she had processed my book through the ‘premium’ option that was available through Createspace and that it was completely ready to publish.

I almost pooped my panties at this time because the ‘premuim’ option was pretty dang expensive and I was pretty dang broke.

My heart rate went up, I got clammy and I was starting to panic.

I didn’t want to insult my friend but I also couldn’t pay the high cost for that ‘premium’ option. I told Sara that I couldn’t afford that. I’m certain she could hear the panic in my voice. Sara then baffled me when she told me that there was no charge. She had done it as a favor.

I was silent for a few moments as the wave of what had happened washed over me. This book that I had written was no longer mine. Something bigger than me had stepped in to make sure my own barriers to releasing it out into the world were removed. The book was ready to go. It was ready for people to read.

After thanking her profusely, crying, and then thanking her profusely some more, Sara and I got off the phone. I recall sitting in complete disbelief. All my fears started to creep up. “The book isn’t good enough yet,” “It’s not ready to be published,” “I need to edit it better.” But a louder voice inside me reminded me that the book was no longer mine to obsess over. The book belonged to that one person who needed to read it NOW.

I trusted the divine. I gave up ownership of the words I had written. I logged on to my Createspace account and I hit PUBLISH.

I hope you’ll join me for Part 4 of the ‘Beyond the Book‘ series where I’ll tell you about the teacher I dedicated the book to and how she changed my life in 9th grade English.

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