Which Holiday Health Personality Are You?


Which Holiday Health Personality Are You?

You COULD stay on track with your fitness and diet this week – but, do you really want to?

I’m seeing a lot of posts on Social Media this week all about how to stick with your diet and workout routine during the holidays. But, during a holiday do you REALLY want to stick with your typical routine? Do you throw in the towel completely? Or do you try to find some sort of middle ground?

For over 20 years I’ve been coaching clients through the holidays and I’ve noticed there are THREE different types of personalities when it comes to health during the holidays.

Holiday Health Personality #1
The Turkey Trotter

NOTHING and NO ONE is going to pull your focus from your goal.  No matter what the holiday week brings you are going to stay on track. You still meal prep and eat your specific meals/calories/macros. You don’t skip one workout. And, maybe, you even up things a bit, because, heck, you have the time to do it this week. Seconds at dinner, no thanks. Dessert, are you freaking kidding me? NO! Maybe you even rally the whole family for a 10K Turkey Trot run on Thanksgiving morning.

Holiday Health Personality #2
The Gobble til Ya Wobbler

It’s a holiday so forget all the things! You don’t want to worry about anything other than the festivities so you forget all about the food and fitness guidelines you have been following and go ALL IN for all things holiday. Seconds at dinner, yes please. Extra dessert, yes please. All the wine, yes please. Exercise? Um, maybe next week. Your plan is to just get back on the wagon again next Monday. Maybe. Bring on the FUN!

Holiday Health Personality #3
The Balanced Bird
You can have your cake and eat it too. You find a balance between all the indulgences of the holiday and your healthy lifestyle habits you’ve worked hard to put into place. You understand that you can enjoy the holidays without having to gain a ton of weight in the process. You’ll go for a long walk to work off a piece of pie and skip the seconds on the heavy carb items but still be sure to load up on protein and veggies. You might gain a pound or two this week but you know you’ll be able to knock that out next week when you get focused.

Which one are you?

I’ve been coaching clients through the holidays for over 20 years and at this time of year I always receive the same panicked question, “How do I NOT gain weight this week???” To which I always respond with the same question, “Which is more important to you? To stay on track with your diet/fitness/weight loss goals or to fully immerse yourself in the holiday and all the indulgences it brings?”

Holidays are such a special time for many of us and with the memories and warm and fuzzy feelings of this time come traditions, smells and tastes that make these memories richer and more palpable than others. Holidays can mean Mom’s special recipe that she only makes once a year, Dad’s homemade pie that is only baked for Thanksgiving or Aunt Ethel’s eggnog that gets all the cousins a little loopy at the Christmas party. These traditions are the exact definition of holiday to many. Would denying these traditions and sticking to a diet plan bring you the joy you need? Or would you be most fulfilled by partaking in the tastes of the season that you love? There is no right or wrong answer. You must do what will bring YOU the most happiness, period.

This year, especially, we must tap into what will bring us joy this holiday season. The holidays might look very different for you, as they do for me and my family. So how will we fill our hearts and souls in the absence of traditions we have celebrated for decades? If we are not surrounded by those people that are the main characters in every holiday scene that plays in our memory what new traditions can we put in place to create the magic we crave?

I urge you to find your joy this holiday season. Do your best to maintain your health and wellness but don’t deprive yourself of holiday treats if your soul and heart really need them right now.

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Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

From my family to yours


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