Set ‘Action’ Goals, Not ‘End Result’ Goals

Set ACTION goals NOT end result goals…

Do you like to set goals for yourself?
I do. I LOVE setting goals for health, nutrition, business, etc. And I love to see those goals accomplished. I’ve learned the hard way how NOT to set goals for myself.
After years of torment not reaching goals I had set for myself I learned that I was doing it wrong.
Here’s what I wish I had known years ago…
Set yourself up for SUCCESS not defeat!

Do your goals sound like this? 

     “I will lose 5 pounds in 3 weeks.”
     “I will make $100 more each week by the end of the month.”
     “I will get 20 new clients this quarter.”
My goals used to be just like this, centered on the RESULT, the end goal. The problem here is that there is no focus on the ACTIONS that could actually result in these goals being achieved. 

Wanting these things is great but let’s take a deeper look.Setting this type of goal creates a vision of the end goal in your mind. You can see the result. You know you want that result. But then what? Without setting action goals of habits and practices that might actually result in you reaching these goals what typically happens? No modifications are made and the goal is NOT met.

Let’s Remedy This Shall We?

Let’s power pack your goals!

Instead of setting results goals – set ACTION goals of actual activities and practices that could actually cause those ‘result goals.’ For example;
   “I will walk for 30 minutes every day for the next 3-weeks.”
   “I will do Gemma’s 10-minute leg workout video on facebook every other day for the next 3 weeks.” (here’s the link
   “I will approach 5 new potential vendors every week this month.”
   “I will go to 2 business networking events every week this quarter.”
These are ACTIONS that you control. They are MEASURABLE. YOU are able to see your triumph over these each and every day, thus feeding your sense of accomplishment, self worth and success.
At the end of You can view all your successes and feel great about yourself.
This is a good thing.We all need a little more ‘feel good’!

So let’s ALL set ACTION goals that we control and set ourselves up to succeed in every goal we set.

…Some quotes that inspired this post: From Living With Joy by Sanaya Roman“Create something that is delightful tomorrow – one small step, or one small point oR action that will bring you one step closer to your goal.”

“The mind likes to have a sense that it has accomplished things; you must keep it satisfied.”

“When your emotions are heavy and sad or negative, the aura around your body is dense. It’s like driving with a dirty windshield.  You can not see clearly or far.”

“…change is much more involved that simply asking for something and having it. You may need to go inward, expand your faith and trust, and open your heart…You also need to let go of many old images about who you are.”

Thanks for reading
~Gemma Rayne Fountain
Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Exercise Physiologist & Fitness Expert

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