Why I Am Now An ‘Oil Puller’ For Life

I Tried Oil Pulling and I Liked It. Why I’m Now An Oil Puller For Life…

I tried oil pulling, after much trepidation (read all about why I decided to give it a go and my first experience with oil pulling HERE). I learned that it didn’t suck and decided to do it every day for a whole week to see what happened.

Here’s what I experienced…

I pulled organic coconut oil every day for a week. I started out with just 1/2 a teaspoon of oil for 5 minutes and built up each day to a full teaspoon and 20 minutes.

I would pull oil while I was doing household chores because I didn’t have time to just stand around in my bathroom for 20 minutes a day.

I started looking forward to pulling oil. It was a great exercise for my mouth, face and neck. The swishing motion was something I didn’t do very often before this exercise. It felt invigorating and good to move these muscles. I suffer from jaw clenching when I sleep and I noticed that I was clenching less after a good oil pulling session. I felt like I was releasing tension from those muscles that did the clenching. Less clenching for me meant better sleep and less headaches in the mornings. This was a welcome and surprised side effect of oil pulling for me.

One week isn’t long enough to notice if I was improving my oral health in a major way, or making any beneficial changes to my internal organs but I did notice THIS, my teeth have never been whiter. I use a whitening toothpaste, I use the whitening strips, but they hadn’t had anywhere near the whitening effect that oil pulling had. I loved it!

I also noticed that my skin was more vibrant. I’m not sure if this was from the oil or the increased blood flow from using all the muscles in my face to swish but I like what I was seeing.

The simple fact of taking time to do this self care act was also beneficial. I felt calmer, more peacful, more grounded and a lot less stressed. Taking a little time each day for me was a huge benefit for me.

Time will tell if I notice any other long term effects of oil pulling, but I can tell you this, I’ll be able to find out because I’m now an oil puller. I haven’t done it every single day since that first week but I make sure to pull my oil a few times a week and I’m loving the results I’m seeing.

So grab some coconut oil (organic if you can) and start pulling oil.

Let me know in the posts below if you notice any great results too.

Happy swishing my friends.

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