Getting In Shape SUCKS!!!


I did it AGAIN! I let myself get totally out of shape. Granted I have a good excuse, I gave birth, so I’m not being too hard on myself. But, this still sucks!

I did, I got out of shape. And, while getting out of shape is truly super sucky getting back into shape is the suckiest suck of all.

Gone are the days where a 2 hour intense workout session would barely phase me. No more are the times of countless lunges without so much as a hint of burn. Sayonara to those workouts when it was difficult to get my muscles to be sore.

Oh yes, these are long gone.

They have been replaced with their distant cousins named ‘Tired,’ ‘Achey,’ ‘Sore’ and ‘Whiney.’

This is HARD! Getting in shape is HARD!!!


Adding physical activity into an already full life is exhausting. It takes time to adapt to the added physical demand an exercise routine brings. In the mean time I’m really dang tired. It’s important that I stay focused and motivated and only aim for small gains each week so I don’t poop myself out.

My body aches. My feet ache, my knees are unhappy, my back is frustrated and my legs want a vacation. Of course none of this has anything to do with the fact that I’m getting older, of course not! I must remember to be kind to my body and allow it to rest enough each day. It’s ok to give myself massages, roll my bare feet over a tennis ball, roll my body around on a foam roller, and meditate.

With every step, every reach, every bend down and every stand up I wince. My muscles are being

begged, coerced and dragged back to activity and they are fighting it every ‘rep’ of the way. Don’t get me wrong, I actually love muscle soreness. It means that I challenged my muscles well and as they repair they are getting stronger. But in this, the beginning stages of getting back in shape EVERYTHING is sore. Every muscle is crying for me to stop and lie back down on the couch. I will not listen. I know better. I know that these muscles are capable of greatness and in time they will cry when I do lie on the couch, idle and still, for they will crave movement and activity. I just have to keep pushing them little by little.


Whining when tired, achey and sore from working out is a right of passage. It’s my way of rubbing my new found activity in the face of anyone who will listen . It’s just what us fit people do and we love it. REMEMBER THIS: Whining to people about your tired, achey and sore body is an insurance policy. Once you whine you can never give up the fight for fitness for if you do all those annoyed coworkers and friends who listened to you bitch countless times will be there, circling like vultures ready to pounce and gloat in your failure. Don’t give them that satisfaction. The only way to win is to reach your goal and maintain it and rub that in their faces too. For that is the sweetest victory of all.

I have said this before, and I hope I mean it this time, I am NEVER getting out of shape again. It’s so dang easy to lose and so freakin hard to get back.

But I will push a little more this week than last week and I will not stop challenging my little body to be stronger, faster, fitter and healthier for this is how I will reach my goals. This is how I will build endurance and ability. This is how I will be able to keep up with my kids and play with them for years to come. This is how I will push my body to the place where I know it belongs.

If you are reading this please take solace in the fact that a former Fitness Model and Group Fitness Instructor is clawing her way into shape too. Getting into shape is hard for everyone – it’s the attitude that separates those who get there and those who don’t. So whine all you want and say hello to Tired, Achey and Sore. But do it with humor and appreciate your able body at every stage. Don’t give up. We’ll all get there soon enough.

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