Anyone can do a Burpee – 6 Levels of Burpees to Choose From

Anyone Can Do A Burpee
6 Levels of Burpees to Choose From

The groan of dread and despair. The grunt. The eye roll. The whining “Nooooo.” And the ultimate exclamation, “I can’t do those!!!”

These are the typical responses from clients and class participants when I announce that we will be doing BURPEES.

Burpees, poor, dear burpees, have gotten a nasty wrap in the fitness world. Labeled as the terrible exercise of doom people are scared of these innocent little exercises.

I know why! I’ve seen those insane YouTube videos of super advanced level burpees on crack. You know the ones – they require that you also possess the ability to fly. These scare me too. But I know something about every single exercise there is in the world… there are modifications to make it work for ANYONE. And the same goes for BURPEES.

What’s so great about a burpee anyhoo?
A burpee works the entire body in a variety of ways. The bending of the knees to lower yourself to the floor and then returning to standing from the floor simulates a squat and works the entire lower body. When the feet are out on the floor behind you and your body is flat it simulates a plank and works the entire core, the chest, shoulders, back, biceps and triceps. The jumps are power moves and work your cardiovascular system and increase strength and explosion in your legs.
So, you see, a burpee is a power packed beast of an exercise. It can get you some serious fitness results and fast. What’s there to hate about THAT????

I’m writing today to let you know that the burpee need not be your enemy. You, too, can learn to love the burpee. Here’s how..

Don’t try to do a burpee level that is far beyond your CURRENT fitness level and ability. Be smart! Workout smart and live to workout another day.

Always modify exercises so that they work for you. It’s YOUR burpee, make it whatever you want it to be. Get creative and have fun with them. There are no burpee police who will give you a citation for not doing it the ‘right’ way.

Quit being a scaredy cat and making burpees evil with the power of your mind. You can totally psych yourself into and out of anything just by making them smaller or bigger in your head. Get your mind right. Practice that CAN DO attitude and do a dang burpee for goodness sake.

Here are a few videos I put together to help YOU find a burpee that works for you.

Burpee KNEE SAFETY video

Level 1 – for beginners

Level 2 – for beginners

Level 3 – for beginners

Level 4 – for the intermediate

Level 5 – for the Intermediate/Advanced

Level 6 – for the advanced

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