A Tingling Sensation and the Power of Prayer…

I just had the most amazing experience and I wanted to share it, so here I am, blogging about it.

I recently (exactly 3 months ago today to be exact) had my second c-section. Along with beautiful children my c-sections also gave me a pretty gnarly scar.

Every evening I massage my scar hoping to reduce scar tissue and minimize discoloration over time. I use my homemade organic lotion. I massage in a clockwise and a counter clockwise manner. Then I massage up and down. And I massage left to right. This is my little routine.

I massage for a few minutes after a shower and then go about my usual business of brushing my hair, putting on  my pjs, etc.

Tonight, however, was different for me.

Tonight I did something a little different that gave me a very unexpected result that has really affected me.

Tonight, while massaging my lotion into my c-section scar I decided to pray. I massaged with my hands, and while I did I prayed. I thanked my body and God for giving me two beautiful children. I prayed for healing in my body and in that area in particular. I expressed gratitude for the science that can perform that operation so well and so safely.

And that was it.

I finished my massage and started about my usual business.

But then I felt something. Something, in all the hundreds of times, with both surgeries, I had never felt before. My scar started to tingle.

It started small. Just a tiny little tingle. But then it grew and the entire scar, from end to end was radiating a tingling, buzzing, warm sensation that felt nothing short of magical .

It lasted a little shy of 2 minutes and then faded away in the same way it had arrived.

I felt wonderful. I felt strong. I felt amazing peace. It was a beautiful and fantastic experience.

This just goes to show how our energies can affect the body. Who knows if my scar will heal better or faster due to this tingling? All I know is that sending my body love produced the most wonderful physical reaction in my body that I would love to feel all the time.

Send your body love. Give it a try at every chance you get. Who knows what miracles might begin to brew?

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