6 Reasons I say “MAKE A VISION BOARD!”

6 Reasons I say “MAKE A VISION BOARD!”

To vision board or not to vision board.

THAT is the question.

No matter the topic there are always those in support and those in opposition. And, like all things in this world, that is true of vision boards.

I’m not really sure why one would take a passionate stance against vision boarding. But some have.

If you do a search of Vision Boards you’ll see a bunch of articles on why not to make one.
I think this is just plain ridiculousness. It’s like writing an article on why NOT to paint a picture, or read a book, or sing a song!


It’s basically just a collage where you put pictures and words together as a visual representation of your goals and dreams that you want to have come true.
It’s YOUR creation so you can make it whatever you want it to be. You can use photographs, pictures from magazines, images from the web, words and letters that you cut out, you can write on it, draw on it, paint on it, glue things to it, or anything else that you choose to do to make the board your own creation.
There are no ‘wrong’ things on YOUR Vision Board.


1.) It helps you focus on your true desires.

2.) You put your goals on paper and put them out into the universe – this
creates a totally different energy with your intentions than just
thinking about your goals.

3.)It may actually help manifest your dreams and goals.
If you have ever read or
watched ‘The Secret’ (if you haven’t be sure to check it out) you
understand the Power of Intention. This theory states that putting your
thoughts and goals out into the universe creates an energy and the
entire universe will conspire to help you reach those goals. I love this
theory and I believe it.

4.) Looking at your Vision Board daily can help you to stay focused on what
matters and keep you on task to work only on those things that matter
and that will help you to reach your goals.

5.) Get friends together to make them – it’s a fun, different and pretty cool thing to do with friends.

6.) They’re fun to make.

I love making Vision Boards. I have made many. And let me tell you something, it is freakishly bizarre how the things I put onto a vision board actually come to pass.
From finding the love of my life, to having children, to moving back to Florida, to making more money, to owning a home… I dreamed BIG on my Vision Boards this past three years and ALL these things have all come to pass in a short amount of time.

I like to say that ‘The Proof Is In The Pudding.’ Which means, try it for yourself, if it works for you then it works! It doesn’t matter what anyone else says 🙂

Once you have made your vision board it is important to share it with a supportive soul. Get those dreams out into the universe. Show a friend, share it online, send me a pic – I’d love to shower you with support for YOUR dreams.

Vision Boards are a fun way to creatively express your dreams and goals.
If they do help you manifest your dreams into fruition then awesome.
But, even if they don’t they are fun to do and help you focus on what
you really want. 


I’d LOVE to see a picture of YOUR Vision Board. Please share it on my Social Media pages (see links below).

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