How To Get Ready For A ‘Kid Free’ Night Out in 3 Easy Steps

Tonight I have “PLANS.”

Real, actual PLANS. With a girl friend. No kids. No husband. A girls night out to go and see the musical ‘Dirty Dancing.’

My daughter is 7 weeks old today. My son is 2. We just finished remodeling our new home and have been slowly moving in, with the BIG official move happening this coming weekend. All these things teamed up with a whole laundry list of other stuff I won’t bore you with, and…

Life has been utter MADNESS – to say the least.

When my girl friend offered me a ticket to go to the show I jumped at the opportunity.

If you have kids you KNOW that getting a night out is pretty much UNHEARD OF!
I had to rally HARD to make this happen. I had to stick to my guns and not take ‘no’ for an answer when asking my husband and mom to watch the kids (yes it takes two people to do this).

I’d like to give you my tips to making your ‘night away’ happen seamlessly (and by seamlessly I mean that you actually DO get to go out).

Here goes..

1.) Do You Love Me? (aka getting a ‘sitter’)
Part A. Tell your husband, mother, or caregiver about your plans and get their ‘ok’ that they can watch the kids as FAR IN ADVANCE as humanly possible (I suggest 1-2 weeks). Ask them at least THREE times to make sure.
Part B. Tell the ‘sitter’ that you need them to be at your home and ready to ‘take over’ at least ONE hour earlier than the time you actually need to leave the house (this gives you time to get ready in a hurry should you not have a chance to tend to yourself before the sitter arrives).

Part C. Remind them EVERY SINGLE DAY the week leading up to your night out.
Part D. Remind them THREE times the day of your night out. DO NOT just text or leave messages. You MUST actually speak with them to be absolutely SURE they get the information, and don’t ‘accidentally’ forget.
Ask them to arrive EARLIER than you originally ‘scheduled’ them to arrive (this puts pressure on them to at least arrive on time).
Part E. Prepare a WORD document of information for EACH child for a caregiver including emergency contact information, tips and tricks for keeping your kids happy, translations for key words your kid says that NO ONE else in the world can understand, favorite toys and treats that you use to BRIBE your kid to stop crying and listen to you, etc. Email document to ‘sitter’ the day before your scheduled ‘night out’ AND print up 2 copies and post in highly visible places in your home.

Part F. Prepare all foods, snacks, bottles, sippy cups, special toys, movies, DVR favorite shows, and anything that you can think of that will make your kids happy in your absence IN ADVANCE (like the DAY BEFORE).

2.) Big Girls Don’t Cry (aka ‘what to wear’)
If you recently had a child then most likely the idea of ‘getting dressed’ is a source of stress for you. When pants that used to fit no longer fit past your thigh it can be depressing and devastating. SO, plan your outfit DAYS in advance. And don’t be an idiot by trying on pre-pregnancy clothes when you know good and well that they won’t fit yet!
Wear pregnancy clothes from the 1st or 2nd trimester that are cute and a little lose on you. Make sure they’re clean and pressed and hidden from mucky hands and any possibility of disaster.
HAVE A BACK UP OUTFIT. You MUST have a ‘PLAN B’ outfit clean and pressed in your closet for any possible emergency situation that might arise as you try to walk out of the door.

3.) The Time of My Life (aka ‘getting ready’)
This is where the real challenge begins. If this is your first rodeo let me tell you this… If it used to take you 2 hours to get ready to go out before kids then you need to add TWO hours for EACH child that you currently have. Yes, add TWO hours. I have TWO kids so I need to budget SIX hours to get ready. And by ‘get ready’ I mean shower (with shaving), eat some food, blow dry and style hair, apply make-up and get dressed. And this is nothing elaborate, this is solely to look presentable.
To be on the safe side I suggest multiplying that time by TWO as well, just in case. So I need TWELVE hours to get ready. Yep, that sounds about right.

Which brings me to this…
What the crap am I doing writing a blog right now? I only have 7 hours until the show and I’m only half way done with the list above. I gotta go Ya’ll. Hope you found these tips helpful.

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