Today Was a Breakfast BUST! (aka “What Wagon?”)

Some days I am a ‘Breakfast bad Ass.’

Today, however, I was not. Today was a breakfast BUST!!!

With a 2 year old and a 4 week old sleep is hard to come by. This morning my husband got our 2 year old up and ready and took him to play group and our 4 week old was fast asleep. Do you think I was about to get my arse up out of bed to make a healthy breakfast in a quiet house and a comfy bed with my name written all over it????? Hail NO!!!!!

I stayed in bed until 10am.

And when I woke up I did not feel like preparing my healthy breakfast, I was still tired, groggy, and had 2 hours of time until the 2 year old came home. And, in mommy time “2 hours” is really only 5 minutes (that’s how fast 2 hours goes by).

So I heated up a huge plate of left over take-out Chinese food from last night (yep I cheated and ate that crap last night too) and ate it for breakfast. I then followed it up with a few bites of a cherry pie my mom picked up at Sam’s Club yesterday.

While I am not proud of these choices there are days when they must be made. There are days when my Wonder Woman outfit is at the cleaners and I’m just ME. Imperfect and wonderful ME. And sometimes even “I,” the fitness girl, eat leftover Chinese food take-out and cherry pie for breakfast.

I am not feeling the least bit guilty about these choices. I enjoyed them immensely. I ate, I savored and then I let it go. I took my vitamins (from USANA, of course) and will be eating a healthy lunch.

We can’t be perfect all the time – what’s the fun in that?
Be imperfect, but do your very best every single day. Let go of guilt, it’s a silly emotion when food is concerned, and celebrate the fact that you’re doing your best. That’s all any of us can do anyway.


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