From GREAT to awful and now clawing my way back again…

I am 6-weeks post c-section.

On the day of my daughter’s birth I lost 10 lb in one day. But that’s because my little girl was not so little at a whopping 9lb 10 oz.

Surgery went great. A bazillion times better than my first c-section. With my first I could barely walk for weeks. This time I was walking upright the next day. The pain was less, I had hardly any swelling of my feet and legs. It was great. I felt great.

And so I did stoopid shit.

5 days after surgery I strapped my new born to myself in a wrap, put my 2 year old in a cart and went shopping at Target. 1/2 way through my shopping excursion I realized that I maybe shouldn’t have done that. I rested a few days after that and started to feel good again.

So I strapped my heavy ass newborn to myself again and went shopping at Home Depot, walking the aisles for at least an hour (we’re in the midst of a home remodel). Again, I felt like doodoo for a few days after that. So I rested.

I continued this pattern of making bad choices and then resting for 3 weeks. Toward the end of this 3 weeks I started lifting my 24 lb 2 year old son up. I felt good and strong so I figured I would just do it, I was sick of waiting for my mom or husband to help me with him all the time. After 2 days of that I noticed a big ‘Uh Oh.’ My surgery incision opened up a tiny bit on the end.

I was getting dizzy and nauseous and I just did not feel well at all. A call to my midwife and they said to come right in right away.

My midwife sat me down and had a coming to Jesus with me.

I was to spend the next 3 weeks on almost bed rest. I was firmly told that I had been doing dumb stuff for a person who had just been cut open only a few weeks before. She said if I didn’t rest that things could get very bad for me very fast. My wings were clipped. But she was right. I cried my little eyes out in her office as the exhaustion and super woman syndrome all just enveloped me and became too much to bear.

I had been doing way too much. As a result I was losing a lot of pregnancy weight, fast. I was pretty happy about that part.

3 weeks of modified bed rest and my final visit to the midwife and I’m all healed and have been given the ok to SLOWLY start activity again. With strict instruction to not ‘be an idiot’ (her words I swear, lol). Which is great news. However, the 3 weeks of rest resulted in absolutely no weight loss since my last visit. I was quite disheartened by this.

(disclaimer: I know I’m doing extremely well. I know this so please don’t get me wrong. My goal is to be ready for live television as a fitness model in the next few months. This is a big goal that is not the norm so my standards for myself are very high. You must find goals and standards that work for you in your world. Do not compare your journey to mine. Find your own path. As long as you are making yourself proud then you’re doing great.)

I had to remind myself that I accomplished so much more than weight loss. I had been healing after a major operation. I had slowed down enough to breath and BE with my new little girl and share many wonderful moments with her and my son without always being on the go.

6-weeks post c-section number 2 (front view)

But now it’s time to get my arse in gear. I have to be smart and safe but I have to be disciplined and meticulous. It’s difficult enough to find time to pee with a newborn, let alone a new born and a 2 year old. Now I must also find time to exercise and eat right.

I’m praying for strength and energy and clarity to be able to handle all of these challenges.

For me I’m doing this for my fitness career so that I can make a comfortable living and enjoy fantastic, stress free times with my family. This motivates me to stay strong and stay committed to my goals.

What motivates YOU to reach your health and weight loss goals? What will keep you on track when those cookies are calling? What will get you out of bed to exercise when all you want to do is hit snooze and get 10 more minutes?

You have to find a ‘why’ that is greater than YOU. It has to be bigger than you or it won’t fire you up and pull on your heart.

My why is a visual image of me, my husband and my kids running around on the beach in the sun enjoying long days together playing and laughing and not working or worrying about bills. This vision is so strong that it will knock-out any temptation to cheat on my plan to eat healthy and exercise.

Find your reason. I’d love to hear about it. Share it with me below.


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