Don’t Compare Your Goals or Your Journey…

You are a unique and delicate snowflake. No one else is like you.

Your goals, dreams, motivations and inspirations are your own. You can’t compare what makes you YOU with anyone else.

So why would you compare your health and fitness journey and goals with someone else?

And yet so many people do this. And, I have to admit, I have been guilty of this too.

I have looked at other fitness professionals and compared their physique to mine. I have compared my eating habits with others and have been harsh on myself because of the drastic inequalities.

It wasn’t until I noticed friends of mine comparing their fitness and nutrition habits with my own that I became hugely aware of the ridiculousness of this bad habit.

Being in the health and fitness industry can be stressful on friendships and relationships. Other people assume that I am judging their meal, their size, their fitness regimen (or lack thereof). People create a barrier that simply is not there.

I have a dear friend, whom I love to pieces, but every single time I see her she immediately mentions her new diet, or that she’s lost weight or the new cleanse she is trying. This is the entire topic of our conversations. It’s like she thinks I’m judging her because she isn’t the same as me.

But let’s put this into perspective…you can’t compare your health, fitness or nutrition results with a fitness professional. Someone in the fitness industry gets PAID to be in shape, to teach fitness classes, to be in shape for modeling jobs, etc. This is one heck of a motivation for a fitness professional. Our entire income and career depends on how we look and what shape we are in. It is drastically insane to compare yourself to someone who has that kind of external motivation to eat right and exercise. It is a fitness professional’s JOB to do these things. You. most likely, have a job of your own that takes up a significant amount of your time, energy and thoughts. Imagine if all that time was spent on exercise and eating right? But it’s not. You have to do YOUR job and you are doing it a thousand times better than I could be, because that’s not MY job.

But I’ll admit that I am guilty of this silly behavior. When I see my friends who are professional nail technicians I have been guilty of making excuses for my chewed up stubs called fingers because I think they are looking at them in disgust.

I can tell you though, from this side of the coin – I don’t judge people, their shape, size, nutritional choices, etc. I have absolutely no desire for my thoughts to drift in that direction. I respect where each person is on their own journey. Should a friend want help with health, fitness or nutrition I’m happy to help. But if not asked then it’s none of my dang business.

So, as I go on my journey to get back in shape after being pregnant and having a c-section please keep in mind that my job, my income, my goals, and my career depend on my getting back into shape. Comparing your progress to mine is just plain unproductive.

I challenge you to love you – exactly where you are – in your health and fitness journey. Let’s all make steps together to be better tomorrow than we were today. No comparing to someone else. Ok?

If you compare yourself to someone you view is doing better than you are you’re just setting yourself up for a whole bunch of feelings that are not productive or going to help you on your journey to being the best YOU you can be.

Compare yourself with the you from yesterday. That’s the ONLY comparing you should be doing.

Find inspiration and motivation from others and their journeys, but only these.

Now go and make yourself proud of yourself.

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