A Pregnant Fitness Healthy Role Model – NOT!!!!!

A friend sent me a link to an article today about a series of Prenatal Fitness videos with a popular athlete leading the exercises while she is pregnant.

The article is the author’s feelings on how unrealistic the videos are for ‘regular’ people. The routine seems to be one that only a pregnant athlete can complete.

The article is about ‘Fit Shaming’ pregnant women.

When I was pregnant with my first child at the age of 34/35 I had a plan to be a fit pregnant super star. I was going to be the poster child for fitness during pregnancy. I would not succumb to cravings. I was going to continue to prepare all my clean eating food and eat measured amounts of calories every few hours and maintain my usual routine with modifications to allow for additional calories for creating life.

I would NEVER be one of ‘those’ women who ate uncontrollably and gained tons of weight in pregnancy. How could I be? I am a fitness professional. And I KNOW how to eat. I would be a preggo to emulate.

Bwahahahah! Boy was I W-R-O-N-G!!!

I ate a diet of 80% milk chocolate and 20% dark chocolate for the first 10 weeks of my first pregnancy. I hated ALL other food. The rest of my pregnancy my diet consisted of potatoes and bacon, and a few other things. I hadn’t eaten pork in 17 years but I made up for lost time in the 9 months I was ‘creating life’ let me tell you!!!

At my St. Pete Baby Shower

Suffering from pain from a car accident in my first trimester prevented me from lifting weights so I lost a lot of muscle. But what I lost in muscle, I gained in fat.

Then a month of bed rest followed by a c-section had me jiggling and sagging in places I didn’t know I could jig or sag.

Needless to say, I was NOT a Pregnant Fitness Role Model for all to envy.

It was a huge reality check to learn that I couldn’t have eaten healthy if I tried. My body had other plans. And it’s plan was to eat fat! This is what I needed to create an amazing little person I guess.

I felt like a total ass face for all the times in the past that I had judged pregnant women for eating so poorly during pregnancy. Karma is a beast I tell ya. And I got mine 🙂

As humans all we can do it try our best on a daily basis. Sometimes our ‘best’ is shit! And that’s ok. If that’s all we can do today, then that’s all we can do. As long as we’re doing the best we can in the given situation how can we possibly ask for more. On most days my best was BACON!

I created a series of Prenatal Fitness videos. Find them on my YouTube Channel HERE
Video #1 – Pre Warm Up Prenatal Video

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