What do I mean by ‘Baby Steps’?

It’s important to remember that ALL things in life start out with baby steps….

Not only is this my philosophy in my own life, but it
is also my philosophy when it comes to coaching clients on all goals
related to health, fitness, weight loss, life and business.

If you are setting a trillion huge goals now and expecting to make huge life changing shifts in your universe over night then I can tell you that you are probably setting yourself up for disappointment. I’m not saying don’t have MASSIVE goals, but DO break those goals down into bite size chunks, AKA “baby steps.”

While there are probably a few SUPER, UBER Type-A people out there who can set multiple, huge goals and achieve them over night most of us are mere mortals. We have lives, we have loved ones, we have kids and husbands, jobs and errands. Making huge life changing shifts in our routine over night is extremely stressful.

I’ve had clients implement drastic diet changes over night and do you want to know what happens?

They do well for a day or two while there are blissful in their river of denial. And then the real world creeps in. Laundry needs to be done, the car needs gas, the kids keep you up all night so you’re exhausted. And that super amazing diet of homemade quinoa, grilled tofu and fresh squeezed juices is replaced with Chic-fil-a and a bottle of wine. (Yes, I’m speaking from experience here).

Want to know how I know this so well? Because this has been ME time and time again.

I want to think that I am Wonder Woman and can handle it ALL – but, news flash people – I can NOT! Not in the least bit, no where near and not in this lifetime!

So I preach, I implore, I repeat ad nauseam to my clients that the only way to reach your goals and keep them is to take Baby Steps.

“The slower you go the faster you get there.”

So, if you learn nothing more from my rantings and ravings in this blog, if you walk away with only one nugget of wisdom from my years of experience take THIS – pick one small, tiny little goal each week and KNOCK IT OUT OF THE PARK. Then celebrate your triumph, revel in glory and rejoice. Then, when you’re ready, add another small little goal to your life.

The week you have 5 guests coming to stay is NOT the week to add any new challenge to your world. You have to be realistic and honor your world.

In this way you add manageable challenges to your world each week or each month that don’t cause you stress.

So, instead of saying, “I will eat 6 small meals every day” in the first week of your journey, how about saying, “I will eat a healthy breakfast every day this week?” One meal is manageable. You can plan for that. You can make sure you have healthy food options for the week of breakfasts. You can wake up 5-10 minutes early so you have time to prepare and eat your healthy breakfast. This is something you can sink your teeth into (pun intended). It’s realistic and it’s totally doable.

Do you get what I’m saying?

Good – now let’s take this one step further. In the comment box below, tell me, what ONE small healthy change can YOU manage to add into your world this week?

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