I lost 10lbs in one day

This isn’t the post you maybe thought it was going to be…

Being pregnant ain’t easy. I was wondering why I was so much more exhausted by simple tasks with this most recent pregnancy, well, we found out on Oct 7th at 5:56 in the morning. I was carrying close to a 10lb baby. That’s a lot of weight for a little person like me (I’m 5′ 2″) to carry in their uterus! No wonder I was tired.

13 days ago I had a C-section and gave birth to my second child, a beautiful 9lb 10oz baby girl. Yep! 9lbs and 10oz.

I gained 43 lbs in both my pregnancies. The best thing about having a big ole’ baby was losing 10 of those pounds in one day.

And now the challenge to get back in to ‘pre-baby’ shape (or better) is ON!

And it is on with a vengeance as my career depends on it. I am a Fitness Professional, Personal Trainer, Health Coach, Fitness Instructor and Fitness Model. I have been asked to do a big modeling and presenting job in 3 months. So my income depends on my losing 33 lbs in 16 weeks.

But, no pressure or anything.

Oh, and did I mention that this 16 week time span includes Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years AND we just bought a home and I’m in the midst of remodeling it so we can move in? So we’re currently living with my mother in her 2 bedroom condo (myself, my husband, our 2 year old and a new born) and cooking or doing anything here definitely has it’s own challenges.

And let’s not forget the whole ‘C-section recovery’ thing, the whole’ brand new baby’ thing and that whole ‘I have a 2 year old as well’ thing.

So I have some significant challenges to this goal. But my motivation is HUGE and it is REAL. My family’s income depends on my discipline, dedication and commitment. If that isn’t a stress, I don’t know what is.

So when I say I’m on a mission, you best believe that I mean business.

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Now let’s get to work…

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