Month: October 2014

6 Tips to Feeling Pretty on a Budget

6 Tips to Kicking ‘The Uglies’ the the Curb (on a budget) While creating life and birthing a child is the most beautiful thing that there is, it doesn’t always feel this way. After being pregnant during a Florida summer – the hottest summer of my life – I already was feeling rather rough. But […]

What do I mean by ‘Baby Steps’?

It’sĀ important to remember that ALL things in life start out with baby steps…. Not only is this my philosophy in my own life, but it is also my philosophy when it comes to coaching clients on all goals related to health, fitness, weight loss, life and business. If you are setting a trillion huge goals […]

I lost 10lbs in one day

This isn’t the post you maybe thought it was going to be… Being pregnant ain’t easy. I was wondering why I was so much more exhausted by simple tasks with this most recent pregnancy, well, we found out on Oct 7th at 5:56 in the morning. I was carrying close to a 10lb baby. That’s […]

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